Makeshift Cooler


When faced with a run while dealing with the summer heat, here is an inexpensive trick that works when there is no cooler around, that can be found at any typical grocery store and be achieved for a very low price. A quick fix, short time use, find a box of tall-unscented kitchen white trash bags, even the dollar store variety works very well. White bags work better because black bags absorb the heat. Second, ask the store if they have any empty cardboard boxes they haven’t tossed away, preferably any ones that didn’t contain bleach or other harmful chemicals. Most stores will give them away for free. Next get 1-2 bags of ice per package of water bottles, all depending on the outdoor temperature and approximately how many people will be going out on the run/race. After making your purchases, pour the ice and water bottles into the kitchen bag, tie off the top, typically using the included twist ties, and then place the bag into the box for stability. A simple temporary cheap makeshift cooler. An added benefit is that the box can always be recycled and kitchen bag can be used after the run to store the used water bottles for proper disposal.


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