The Famous SWAG BAG !!!

After taking part in a few running/athletic events, some items of SWAG (Stuff We All Get) tends to pile up.  So take advantage of the freebies and some inexpensive items to build your own SWAG BAG.  Often some details get overlooked during an event or a simple run amongst friends, this is exactly the situation that this collection of goodies comes in handy.  Here are some ideas that can be included in the SWAG BAG.


Athletic Duffle Sports Bag

Most of these bags can be bought at most local department or sporting goods stores.  Select the appropriate one according to the size of you or your group’s needs.


T-Shirts/Hooded Sweatshirts

Definitely don't put in any great or exceptional looking shirts in here, but this is where those not-quite-cool pieces of attire can be used.  A couple of second-string ugly tech shirts can come in handy, and they make the perfect icebreaker among new friends at a race or run.  Also a dry cotton race t-shirt does provide the perfect recovery when finishing a long run.  Some races also have the option of offering a hooded sweatshirt than just than the expected T-shirt, which helps out during some chilly autumn or spring afternoons.



Recommended when finishing a long run or grueling race.  Definitely high-end sandals do cost a lot, but just to get through the post-recovery, a common cheap pair can be used.  Most craft stores or department stores do have some pairs that can be purchased for a nominal price.


Moisture-Wicking Socks

Easy to forget at times by even the most devout runner, socks are important.  A new spare pair or two can be included.  Most of the time these types of socks are typically included as an offer in some athletic stores or many times given away during some running events.  Stash a couple of pair away just in case of a forgetful predicament.


Travel Pack Accessories

We all have saw them offered at the cash register counter or at the bottom of the goodie bag at an event.  Aspirin/Ibuprofen and pain relief gels are perfect for this SWAG BAG.  One or two of these packs simply put away in one of the bag's pockets means no carrying or packing away full tubes or bottles.  Merely rip open the envelope, use the product and toss the wrapper away in a garbage can.


Bottle Opener

Always when needed, they are can never be found.  An excellent dollar store purchase of this item and then put away in the bag can deter any future headaches or frustration when wanting to pop open a particular beverage after an activity.


Emergency Cash

No a major stock pile of funds needed but a quick $10 or $20 slipped away can come in very handy when needing to make an unscheduled stop or when making a desperately required purchase.


Other Optional Items

Most of these items can be found at local dollar stores to help keep the budget of the Swag Bag low.

Energy Bars or Gels

Small Pack of Hair Ties

Lip Moisturizer

Safety Pins

Back-up Pairs of Shoe Laces

Plastic Bags – For Dirty Laundry

Basic pack of Bandages 

Roll of athletic tape

Basic Hand Towel


By just having the SWAG BAG it provides a convenient option to have, in case if a situation calls for a quick fix.

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