What exactly is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a race that can be participated in just about every location, depending upon the race director's limitations.  Typically, you can run/walk your desired path, trail, or even a tredmill for the required distance.  You can run your race wherever you are, it is normal to be racing against other people from across the country or even the world.  


How to submit results?

Generally, most virtual races go by the honor code, a runner is only as good as their word.  But some races prefer to have some documentation of the completed race, GPS watch results - smartphone app -  or photo of tredmill console.


Awards / Prizes

For an average virtual race, awards or prizes are given out randomly, sometimes the fastest runner won't come away with anything except best overall results.  Some races require a photo taken with the race's bib to be entered into the drawing, a great way to get a goof pic in for a race.  


Links to Virtual Race/Run Sites

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